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/bant/-tan, preaching the truth.

/bant/-tan is the anthropomorphic entity representing /bant/ and the board's inhabitants, she is the result of the users' constant artistic (and autistic) endeavours.
/bant/-tan an energetic little rascal who spends most of her time with her (imaginary) friends, engaged in gayposting, self-raiding, and/or consuming Touhou related media -where she seems to have a serious fixation on a specific character from this beloved franchise- she also may or may not be suffering from dissociative identity disorder and ADHD.


There has been some of variations to /bant/-tan, and as all must grow older (and die) /bant/anna represents the teenage version of the beloved lolicon (with red-eyes). /bant/anna is a strange girl with a love of toys, who festers a strong hatred for her father /pol/. Good friends with Kek[s4s]ndra, and having perhaps a one way friendship with /jp/, she has been able to socialise with some of the boards despite her weirdness.[1] She was used as the main representation of /bant/, and thus used in the winter ball in 2017, but /bant/-tan has been making a comeback and she is now the less popular choice.[2] She has been rumoured to be borrowing/stealing from /lit/'s book collection in light of recent book threads.


Whilst not the most popular board-tan of them all, /bant/-tan still boasts a sizable collection of artistic illustrations dedicated to her.