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This website currently host 1,118 pages containing 257 files amassed over 3,370 edits made possible by the continuous joint effort of 85 users.

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A wiki is born, faggotry commences.


Welcome to the official-unofficial /bant/ wiki, your best source for cheap & untrue sensationalism. Users are kindly requested to actively contribute BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS!


/bant/ is the "International/Random" sub-forum of the popular English language imageboard 4chan. This wiki exists as a community project to document the history, culture, and events that have transpired throughout the board's lifetime and users are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to this website whilst maintaining the same sense of humour and camaraderie that's come to be expected of them.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Users are absolutely forbidden from making any contributions that may violate German or international law, ergo, lolicon and other such material is strictly PROHIBITED.
  2. Users are absolutely forbidden from being uncultured swines, as such, all forms of communication must be conducted using the QUEEN'S ENGLISH.
  3. Users are absolutely forbidden from expressing flamboyant homosexuality and are urged to contact the Plague Doctor if they're beginning to show symptoms of infection.
  4. Users are absolutely forbidden from creating unnecessary pages about irrelevant individuals who lack notability and are urged to direct their contributions towards this page instead.
  5. Users are absolutely forbidden from instigating any meaningless conflict that goes against the spirit of /bant/er.
  6. Users are urged to avoid uploading useless and/or irrelevant files. Said files may be removed without prior notice to conserve disk space.
  7. Users are kindly reminded that whilst this wiki exists as a /bant/ project, it remains its own separate and distinct entity. Users are implored to refrain from dragging either entity into a conflict pertaining to the other.
  8. ゆっくりしていってね!

Any and all users found violating any of aforementioned rules shall face prosecution and will be subject to severe punishment.[1]


Users are urged to discuss topics pertaining to wiki on the dedicated TALK pages.
Alternatively, users may opt to use the IRC channel '#bantwiki' on the freenode network.[2]
Should any issue arise where direct contact with the administration is required, they may be reached via the e-mail addresses provided here[3] and here[4].


  1. Punishment may include, but is not limited to:
  2. The channel has only been established recently and the /bant/library administrative team does not claim direct association with said channel.
  3. Server host and administrator.
  4. Domain owner and administrator.