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This is a page where all information on namefags will go.

anime tiddy

Literally who? Also cringe lmao

Chad Deluxe (lol literally who, also cringe)

Chad Deluxe is a frequent poster on not only /bant/, but also several other boards like /ck/ and /g/. He tends to talk entirely in slang, and for some reason gives extremely helpful advice to users. He uses a tripcode most of the time, but is also known by {Chad Deluxe}.[1]

LOVE LIFE Chad Deluxe has a great love for Natsuki (from DDLC), and professes his love for her almost every day. He's known for nicknaming her "Natty Lite", and tells of kinky things nobody could even fathom.


Chad has claimed to work out using his own method, "Shotgunmaxxing". Template:Quote


Chad is a self-proclaimed "minarcho-capitalist", despite testing (on serveral tests) as an ancap faggot. He's mentioned that he could care less if you're a tranny, gay, black, mexican, or whatever, that we're equally shitty.

FATASS GENERAL THREADS Chad is the guy on /ck/ that makes the "/fatass/ general" threads. On several occasions on /bant/, he's posted creations of his own, such as chad sketti with velveeta, microwaved medium rare


Dummy from /qa/ who posts his wife, Junko Enoshima and defends the Christian youth, hates reddit but still wants a reddit gf.
He also likes to write stuff.

Ralsei / Asriel

Dedicated schizo who's able to uphold all three of his thread slots for literal months by spamming them to the brim with his own monological nonsense.
Links to his archives:

chicanon xd

A based polish frog spammer who says and does alot of things repentantly. He usually doesnt have his name on but youll be able to tell who he is by his post

Image chicanom xd spams

Things he does/says

•Plata o plomo

•used to have this isreali who would follow him in all his threads doing the same shit he was doing

•Ill bash ur skull irl

•this thread has been hijacked by the facist party if poland

•THIS thread is BLESSED

•its the classic you all love

•i dont get this new meme

•My ass faggot

•This stupid rick and morty copypasta

•Says random shit in polish

•Bants with india

•Bants with usa

•Me=based you={insert insult}

•faps to alice


Space cowboy's cute wife

She's a girl with a tail and wolf ears. For all your degenerate needs.


There are two akari posters on /bant/. You can identify the more popular one Jimmy, or "Sheep Shag Anon" by his normal looking filenames, The other akari poster Logan has filenames that are numbers with parenthesis around them ex, (245).

Jimmy Jimmy spends his time on /bant/ actively seeking out friendships and acting to be nice to posters. He found copied the original akariposter (logan) because He thought he was cool. He occasionally makes OC with akari images but they don't really funny. He also participated many threads about fucking sheeps where he got his nickname.

Epic Fails

  • Turning threads he posts in, to discord
  • Being underage
  • Bestiality
  • not being able to beat up any other countries

Logan Has been On since Day one, but stopped avatar fagging after He realized that the Mods would never ban him. He spent most of his time shitposting his waifu all over the place and making threads with terrible puns. Occasionally he Put on his goggles and made a good thread. But that never happens.

Epic wins

Epic Fails

  • shitposting
  • Turning threads into discord


Bumstead is a American poster on /bant/, ex-native of [s4s]. He's probably one of the few genuinely nice and sweet people on /bant/, up there with Ritsu. He runs a flower shop where you can get flowers of any variety. No matter how rare the flower is or dangerous, he has it and is ready to serve your needs. If you ever see him, it is adviced to offer him a beautiful flower or complementing him. He also some type of gay


The image that he spams

Early life

Cheerious was a normal avatarfag posting a lizard with cheerios on his head he was nothing special just a loner


Cheerios is now an annoying asshole who thinks everybody recognizes him because he spammed lizards he needs a desparate image overhaul like post fucking cheetos instead of cheerios I like cheetos more then cereal


Moderator (Owner?) of coolcirnoclub

Coconut (C⌬©⍟ℕυͳ)

A /bant/ oldfag who has been posting with the tripcode !!ejZnhfeYlll since at least November 2017 (his name goes back further). Known for being one of the primary creators of Le Dank Forced Face™, which is just basically stuck onto any picture with a face.

The original Le Dank Forced Face™


An old tripfag who is currently inactive. Possibly an heroed.


>I'll tripfag until all animeposters leave

!CumBENIS4c requested a tripcode with the substring 'BENIS' in a tripcode mining thread. He then decided to wear it until all the animeposters had left /bant/. While his anti-anime stance might've been serious at first, it eventually turned into something of a joke. Nevertheless, once /bant/ had had enough of him, the tripcode's seed was dug up and was used extensively until it got banned for 3 years.

The original !CumBENIS4c also used extra flags, and switched to a different tripcode for a short while after the original had been banned.

The purge of !CumBENIS4c is a good example of community effort coming from /bant/. The same method hasn't worked twice, though.

Mrs Normie

Mrs Normie (also known as Kim or Kimble) is Normie's autistic wife(male). She's often spotted on /bant/ with Normie in gay ERP threads but in other threads as well. If you ever see her, tell her to fuck off.


Normie is a burger who used to be in the military. He rose to fame after being a massive flaming homo and talking about how normie he is. He enjoys making and participating in gay ERP threads, although one time he said he fucked 6 women in a day or something. He has cancer and it's a good thing.


Ritsu is a dumb homo.

If you ever meet him in a thread, it is advised to either ignore him or tell him what a faggot he is

Currently under HRT in the hope of becoming a passing tranny


Stefan (known in the past as Stephen, Stephen!rapist???? or Stephen the Rapist!qxIKhJK.K2) is a Moldovan /bant/ oldfag, known in the past for his "Autism" spamming in anime/cirno threads, sending a letter with 4 pages filled with /bant/ memes and hentai to a random person in his neighborhood, co-hosting the one and only "Official /bant/ Anime Stream" on and just overall being a huge faggot like anyone on this board.
If you ever encounter him in a thread, remind him that Moldova belongs to Romania if you don't want him to fly over to your country and rape your whole town.
Though /bant/ knows little about him or his personal life Stefan has never seemed to take a side in internal politics making him a fiercely independent poster.
As of late, he has stopped posting or posts extremely rarely, probably due to the continuous decrease in quality of the board where your average poster is a blog-posting faggot. Before he left, he made a game about PD for /bant/'s Game Contest.Link


pretty cool~

meme boi

Memeboi is an underage newfag from Florida who is easily butthurt and fails at everything, including being funny. He was banned because making a kill list thread is illegal and he was gone for a month He is also known to fap to my little pony and alice 3d. He uses the tripcode !!gVL0FyzPeMv. This tripcode is now old. Being the massive newfag he is, he decided to give out his trip to everybody. His old tripcode is ##lol btw. Naturally, /bant/ posted on /mlp/ with his trip and name. His new tripcode is !!ubFPZ0J6SLr.

how 2 trole memeboi

  • call him a newfag
  • call him a ponynigger

That’s it, really. Afterwards he will be so fucking raged he will raep your ass with ultra caps-lock. Use with caution.

Some people theorize that he now posts as chicanonxd because of their similar posting styles but we may never know for sure, (only with 99% accuracy)

Highly theorized to just be a larp after an Italian exposed him over discord. Pay no attention to Memeboi and let his threads die

Evidence that Memeboi is a ponynigger. Post this in any of his threads.

honest abe The fresh prince of /bant/

Russhit who really isn’t special, just has a dumb name. He claims to be the supreme communist overlord of /Bant/ and has tried making many threads that promote communistic fascism in some way. He has a 5 cm dick (2 inches).

Shelby from NY

Shelby from NY is apparantly a femanon from NY. 'She' tends to frequent Happy Day, music, and fallout related threads. It will make threads at midnight because 'she's' drunk and attempts to hit on the guys who listen to her.

>Is sad inside

She likes David Bowie, it'll get in her panties quick


SHIT POST is one of the most prolific and least understood posters in /bant/. His history of posting dates to the first days of /bant/. While known to be infected with The Gay he does not exhibit any of the symptoms in his posting style and avidly rejects gay ERP aggressively. Whether viewed negatively or positively SHIT POST embodies /bant/ posting with half of his posts being nonsensical and the other half being pure shit posting. His unstable nature of posts makes him a strongly independent poster allied with no particular faction of /bant/. SHIT POST is allegedly male in his late 20's working at a gas station. One notable interaction is that with Normie where they fought in many threads to prevent Normie from shooting up every thread and terrorizing users with his Yuno posting. Associates of SHIT POST are unknown as he has never shown a particular fondness for anyone. Assumed to be a hyper advanced shit posting AI built by the CIA to infiltrate and data mine 4chan.

Happy day

This seal is sometimes rewarded by Yuuka if someone makes something nice for him.

First apperance: 25 August, 2017

An avatarfagging namewalk of tripfagging abomination who day by day makes the same fucking threads with the only one difference of it being one higher number than yesterday. His threads comprise of massive circlejerks and stupidity, with [s4s] memes being the norm (although these threads started on /bant/ and initially had some welcoming impact of its culture). Outside of his threads, he hints at his presence like any attention-starved namefag by using lots of plug-in scripts and ending his sentences with tildes (to mimic hand movement or something). He also likes to write additional thoughts in Superscript (ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᶦˢ) or uses these bears as if it's the funniest thing ever ʕ•ᴥ• ʔᴥ-ʔ

When his mindless minions sense the aura of banhammer on their daily post opener, they are able to gather their collective thoughts and make their own reminder, wasting yet another limited space in the catalogue of our precious board.

History of the threads

Board contribution:

OP's gay example of ""original content"".
  • Won a /bant/ parliament election after some Anons decided to use him as their party mascot.
  • Made some Anons commission art from /b/ drawfigs.
  • Posted lots of scenarios similiar to Akari one's.
  • Inspired some anons to contribute some "OC" to his thread by reading the happy day reminder and recording it (too bad he forgot like an absolute idiot to save them, good going dipshit).
  • Once defended Alice 3D in an argument thus confirming that he's in fact a waste of space.
  • Made lots of original ohayous because they are cool.
  • Is actively corrupting /bant/'s population with his autistic kindergarten polanisms.
  • Inspired some Anons to start namefaging.
  • Got banned over sixteen (16) times because of his avatarfaging nature. ᴷᵃᶻᵃᵐᶦ ᵒᶰ ˢᵘᶦᶜᶦᵈᵉ ʷᵃᵗᶜʰ⋅
  • Was mentioned seven (7) times in the /bant/ newspapers (they all died).
  • Encouraged perverts "in making the world a better place" by letting them trade good deeds for nudes of his poorly designed avatarfaging ego.
  • Sneaked his way into nearly every possible /bant/ related memorial.
Typical /bant/ related memorial plagued by OP's gay presence.
  • Reminds people to be nice and have a happy day.
..and another one.

Notable threads

Wasted get. Fortunately based Mods deleted the thread two hours later.

ᴬᶰᵈ ᵐᵃᶰʸ ᵐᵒʳᵉ~⋅⋅﹗

The lore

365th Happy day saga

Political propaganda.

Other feats and scandals:

His most trusted companions:
Right Hand, Oracle
Left Hand, Spazzy
Right Foot, Junkoposter

̶A̶r̶c̶h̶ ̶n̶e̶m̶e̶s̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶w̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶ ̶-̶ ̶M̶I̶K̶E̶ ̶K̶A̶N̶S̶A̶S̶
I'm sorry Mike, I really am.
Every night I think if something would change if I was only a bit better for you.
Wherever you are, I hope it's a nice place.
Peace, brother.


Typical conversation with Junkoposter. Everybody lo̶ves̨ Junkoposter.

Based user who got himself little bit lost in zalgo generator.
He really loves(?) Junko and all things related to her, which automatically makes him a Touhou friend. Now and days Junky can rarely be seen outside of Happy Day Threads and has stopped with the zalgo stuff.


Probably the second biggest icon of /bant/, next to the Cirno. In his hay day but now forgotten. One day he just stopped being posted and the meme completely died off. You can still see people larping as Chicanon from now and then, but overall it's a dead meme. Absolutely the only meme that came from /bant/ and that was used in other boards albeit rarely.

Chicanon at r/banter/ convention.

Who is Chicanon
Chicanon was a burger/beaner namefag persona which would proclaim Mexicans as b͟a͟s͟e͟d͟ i͟b͟e͟r͟i͟a͟n͟s͟ who were the members of the white race, saying to any one who posted anime "*Mefag" and later on "*me fags" without the capital "M". He also said to any fellow Mexican that disagreed with him "t.indio". the meme caught on to point where if you ever posted any sort of anime related picture, a response "*mefag" was assured.

We, as chicano/Mexican (Argentinians included) whites stand with /bant/. For those who claim we are not European; let me ask you, are Spaniards European if they are a result of Iberians (north African people who migrated) coming into the peninsula? How long must we pretend? Come into my arms brother, and I will embrace your whiteness and love you white brother, and your white sister.

Ever since the 1960s, we have been considered non-white; but that is only a Jewish trick made to divide us further. Before we were just as white as an Anglo, and soon there will be no Anglos. Only we can save you. We are a race of proud, intellectually superior, self-loving whites who will continue to improve America and beyond once America is fully improved.

A wonderful, white nation like us welcome our brothers if there is further issues with the migrant crisis and problems in the U.S. due to non-white central Americans. Our people love you and you will not regret coming here. Pic related; our whitest Mexicans protest for the white race's preservation and freedom

~Chicanons first copypasta

Alice 3D

Unquestionably one of the worst posters on /bant/, Alice 3D is the current generation of the long-running line of Alice roleplayers.

Like the previous Alices before her, Alice 3D will always post with a fake stutter, which makes her look fucking retarded. She will usually avatarfag with pictures of the 2hu character Alice Margatroid, or post pictures of herself dressed in cheap cosplays bought from ebay while hiding her face behind a paper with the same character's face.

Her MO is to convince socially stunted Anons that she cares about them, so that she may lure them into her own chat and in turn trick them into donating to her "ironic" Patreon or supporting her Twitch channel while she sits around and plays video games all day.
She is a prime example of the worst of /bant/ and should be avoided at any cost.

Average thread
Her threads (which, by the way, are duplicated and posted on /b/ for maximum Patreon shekels), consist of generally pointless drivel like pictures of tea. No matter what excuse she uses it always boils down to poorly hidden attention whoring, and she deflects any criticism with "W-what are y-you talking about?" or "I d-don't like attention, dear" or something equally dumb. She pretends she doesn't want to post on /bant/ but does it anyway for everyone else sake; coincidentally the only people who respond positively to her threads are newfags, orbiters from her own chat, and some of our dumber niceposters. Despite Alice 3D desperately trying weasel her way into /bant/ for well over a year, most regulars remain generally dismissive of her, as she has never tried to actually learn /bant/ lore or take part in the community outside of her own threads.

Alice 3D also claims she makes the only OC on the entirety of 4chan. While it is indeed true that /bant/ has lost many content producers, the claim that Alice's threads are OC is a joke: Posting the same "look i make food" blog entries over and over again does not qualify as content. Meanwhile, plenty of other boards are full of people creating stuff that the community actually appreciates, something which can not be said about this repetitive cancer.

Other than this, she's been known to spam the Wiki, and occasionally participate in Dr. Medic's futa Discord server.

What you can do
As stated earlier, this poster should be avoided at any costs. If you do come across Alice3D on /bant/, here are a few tips for how to proceed:

  • Hide all Alice threads
  • Report Alice threads for avatarfagging
  • Report Alice threads for advertising or begging
  • Do not reply to Alice threads
  • If you do reply anyway, fucking learn to use sage
  • In the rare occurrence that she ventures outside her own threads, do not reply to Alice posts
  • Fuck Alice
  • Actually don't fuck Alice, that's gay


An underage summerfag who post nations states threads and bans people on hes shitty discord for no good reason. He also became gay from peer pressure.

Ashley avatarfag

Also known as Jeff, is an underage guy that posts his waifu ashley from a Warioware everywhere. Apparently does wrestling and IS built. Makes himself look like an ass a lot à la space cowboy. Also tripfags under the alias of dragonball !bbWEAzvYNI, but that's a seekrit ;^)


Eevee posters

There are 2 people who make blogposts daily, one is from Germany and the other is American. They talk about from stupid shit they do at work, to, at what hours they go to take a shit.


Sage-Bong was a britbong avatarfag who posted shittily edited pictures of sage leaves whilst saging threads. He disappeared around early 2018, probably killed for not having his shitposting loicense.

One of Sage-Bong's Cringy edits