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Plauge doctor is a long time /bant/ user who likes larp as a plauge doctor and treats homosexuality as a disease. He produces two types of content:

  • Threads trying to cure people's faggotry by preforming flagellation Fellatio.
  • Threads where he runs around trespassing and generally acting like a nigger.

All of his other posts are usually vapid and intellectually deficient.

His origins[edit]

WARNING: this entire paragraph was written by an unfunny faggot. You have been warned.

He was originally named PD for (boi)Pussy Destroyer but later he turned into A plague doctor because having sex wasn't cool enough. His first ever post was some Gay shit about "The HACKER KNOWN AS 4CHAN" but as you know THE HACKER KNOWN AS 4CHAN was actually pedobear who got arrested by chris hansen after forgetting to hide behind his 7 proxies and is currently In a padded cell with OVER 9000 dog curtains keeping his him from his Internets to deprive him of his DELICIOUS FLAT CHEST.

It physically hurt when I wrote that that .

His Book[edit]

Plauge doctor wanted to write a fantasy novel but only wrote like two chapters. It was set in a forest named tae (pronounced Tuh-Ah-ee) that was Gender fluid and thus changed its orientation frequently. Usually by moving trees and shit. It was received pretty well. The plot for the first chapter went like this:

  • Some gay ass fox gets dumped into a lake and almost drowns to death.
  • He gets fished up by a hobo wizard.
  • the hobo wizard tries to kill the gay fox.
  • the gay fox bites the hobo and poisons him or some shit.
  • the hobo wizzard dies.
  • PD fails to write another chapter.
  • And they all lived happily ever after.

Here are some quotes:

  • "Yes, it would appear that Tae was another boring old forest, with nothing extraordinary or special about it. Or, so it would seem" - This normal thing that I am describing is totally normal OR SO IT WOULD SEEM!
  • "He was also trying to gasp before as much air as he could" - Wut.
  • "Suddenly, the fox begin to feel the ropes unwrap from his body" - MID SENTENCE TENSE SWAPS FOR THE WIN!
  • "He was holding what looks like a hunters knife, shiny and shark" - That sentence really jumped the shark.

PD vs Normie[edit]

About 50 (you)'s ago PD in all his wisdom thought that it was a good idea to break into a movie theater and destroy an artist's work. The thread was full of people encouraging him to do it and then after he did it they immediately said that the art looked kinda good and that he shouldn't have destroyed it. Normie then came in started trying to dox him because PD posted the artist's name. The other anons joined in and eventually PD got reported to the cops. This caused massive butthurt to all of /bant/ especially all of the anti-gayposters Like DukeNukem and Cockeyes. Who believed that /bant/ was now dead because apparently complaining about gay people while avatar fagging was keeping /bant/ alive. So if you want to save /bant/ avatarfag and complain about gay people. It worked so well for DukeNukem, Cockeyes, tsumugi, and The Voice Inside your head. Anyways because PD impersonated a 4chan Janitor by deleting the artist's post he got irl banned and put in jail Disregard that he actually just got parole for 3 months. Don't namefag kids.

Some argue that this is just the natural order in the world Because The boomer is a natural predator of underage boys.

local news outlet reported on the incident. The artist said that he didn't really care and that he offered to teach PD how to do modern art. There has been a lot of stories about modern artists brushing off their art getting destroyed so it's not that odd that he didn't give a shit.

The Art
before it was destroyed
Some of his art for comparison

Epic wins[edit]

  • Climbing random buildings.
  • Removing the Gays.
  • The Court Case.

Epic Fails[edit]

  • Larping as a Plague doctor, mask and all.
  • Trying to write a book.
  • Drawfaggotry.
  • Having Gay sex with 2 twink twins during a camping trip.
  • Being underage