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The Gay is an infectious disease, first discovered by /bant/ in the very first days of the board's creation. Not much is known about The Gay, however anyone who catches the disease will start rapidly becoming a massive flaming homosexual. Some believe /bant/ is not actually infected with The Gay at all and that the many users are what is known as "prison gay" or gay in the absence of females.

If you exhibit signs of The Gay, contact the Plague Doctor immediately.

history of the gay[edit]

The proto-gay[edit]

The proto-gay almost didn't exist. Tsumugi kept it in check by constantly patrolling the board and yelling at anything even a little bit gay until the mods started to ban him for avatarfagging. Only in his absence was the gay able to grow.

The First Gay[edit]

The gay was originally nurtured by a single Finnish poster detailing his fantasies about Swedish boys, often referring to the suggestive gay artwork attached to his posts. The poster is suspected of being Swedish. Plague Doctor(PD) then came onto the board in hopes to stop the gay. Although the Identity of the original PD is unknown he quickly started a tradition of metafaggotry that still afflicts the board to this day. During this time there were around a billion people all independently posting as PD. Other namefags like Cockeyes also came into the action.

Against all odds, the gays actually listened to their complaints and left.

Legs kiwi[edit]

During the first wave a New Zealander (legs kiwi or kiki) was harassed by gayposters asking for leg pictures. After he finally submitted and posted legs, Plague Doctor accused him of being gay and there was a mock court case held to sentence him. This was considered by some anons to be "peak quality /bant/", the verdict was that legs kiwi was "a little gay.”

The Second gay[edit]

It's unknown where this wave of gay came from, but it came back much stronger more fierce than the first. This wave caused the more butthurt (both literally and metaphorically) than every other board phenomena combined. This was because the now infamous poster Named Nicemark/Fagmark acted as a catalyst propelling the gay into new heights of degeneracy. During this time there were many threads complaining about fagmark and his friends. Almost all of fagmarks threads were flamed and it got so bad that every danish poster was treated like a second class citizen.

The gay died down due to imported drama from R9GAY exposing a discord Cabal for blackmailing people into taking HRT. The R9K scandal scared many of the gayposters straight and all the rest of them kept low in wait for another opportunity to take over the board. Eventually Fagmark got rangebanned due to ban evading and then the board went back to its normal operating conditions.

The Third Gay[edit]

This was a mini wave of gay. It started with people posting their tummies for attention.

After this though it seems to have died down. Probably because gay posters were participating in self raids or something desu.


Liking traps[edit]

Contrary to popular belief, scientists have recently discovered that (man+dick=gay) no matter how much makeup or clothing you put on. Liking traps is a gateway fetish to being infected with the gay. Many people discredit this claim and try to affirm that (man+dick+femmy=straight) but this has been discredited thanks to findings by Plague Doctor. This introductory fetish with anime characters such as Felix or Astolfo leads to infection. There have been many people in /bant/ who have used the excuse of liking traps for why they're not infected with The Gay, but this is simply denial.

Posting Gay pictures[edit]

This is fucking obvious.

Erotic roleplaying[edit]

Many posters infected with the gay spend their time Erotic roleplaying while posting Anime. These threads are the reason why gays are a problem in the first place.

Being Scandanavian[edit]

For some reason, Scandanavians are genetically gayer than the rest of the world. 90% of all gayposts are made by a Scandanavian. Watch out for them.

Example of the average gay.

List of all known gays on /bant/[edit]

This list is still a work in progress, so it will be expanded over time. You can help by expanding it. To view the specific user info go to Namefags and Avatarfags.

• Normie.
• Fagmark.
• Amei.
• Beanland.
• Coconut.
• Starbro.
• Space Cowboy.
• Italgay.
• Bumstead.
• Kiki (legs kiwi).
• Cute.
• Jelly.
• Stefan.
• You.
• honest abe The fresh prince of /bant/.

However, everything related to the gay is meta stuff anyways.

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